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Epoxy Coatings

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Epoxy coatings are some of the hardest coatings out there. They bond very well, to many different surfaces and provide a hard shell that can stand up to lots of abuse. Most warehouse floors that have heavy equipment being driven on the floors are coated with an epoxy floor system. Epoxy is used to encapsulate steel to protect it against rusting. It is chemically resistant and heat resistant. When properly applied and used in the correct applications, epoxy coatings have outstanding performance.

There are many circumstances where an epoxy primer combined with a polyurethane top coat will give you the best all around protection. Epoxy coatings in general tend to deteriorate in UV exposure. So when you are faced with a high sun exposure combining an epoxy primer with a UV resistant polyurethane top coating is the way to go.

Often times epoxy coatings are not the right coating for the job. There are many different circumstances where epoxy coatings can fail to give the protection needed for the job. Circumstances such as moisture problems or the substrate moves can cause the epoxy coatings to fail.